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There is so much information out there on Reiki and the benefits of this powerful energy. Reiki is not only a healing technique, it is also a way of life. It is a tool for living more profoundly, more focused, more joyfully. Personally Reiki has brought me so many gifts, gifts that I now love to share. My mission is to make sure everyone is attuned to Reiki.  Having been blessed by Reiki some 20 yrs ago, my work involves developing new ways of making Reiki available to everyone. Simple flexible classes that are easy to understand, convenient time schedules and more affordable. Programs for Hospice and Long term care facilities. Home Health Care, and CNA's as well as Nursing programs. I look forward to discussing all the wonderful possibilities that Reiki can bring into your life as well as the lives of your family, clients and businesses

Reiki helps on the emotional, etheric, soul and all spiritual levels.                                                     

Reiki like all energy vibrations is a part of our Universe.

Reiki for Long Term Care

Having worked in the long term care industry since I was 16, I have seen the difficulties, stress and roadblocks the staff face and developed a deep compassion for the residents, staff and families. 20 years ago when I found Reiki or like I usually say, Reiki found me, the benefits that I was able to bring to my job helped immensely. I now have developed a program and classes to assist others.

Through Reiki for Self care & Reiki LTC, individuals and businesses can have the benefits of Reiki on a daily basis. Reiki is being brought into LTC facilities and the results are amazing. Both the resident's and the staff benefit from the healing energy & techniques that bring a sense of peace and reduced anxiety to the facility. 

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Reiki for Self-Care

What is Reiki for Self Care?  Just what it sounds like It is all about you. Everything that you need from Reiki with an emphasis on you. How to use the benefits of Reiki to assist you in your healing, tools to create a peaceful environment, reduce anxiety & stress. You will also learn the 5 min healing for Reiki on the go. You will have the skills to assist family & friends. 

Class time will allow for plenty of practice, as well as learning what Reiki is, the history and development in the United states, lineage, & tools to use everyday. You will have all the basics of Reiki and be able to move in Reiki 2 if you desire at a future date. 

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Reiki Is
 A beautiful white light
of stress reduction

What can  Reiki do for You?

Reiki is a Universal Energy that brings with it an ability to clear blocks and heal our electrical system. Since we are all energy and our world is all energy that makes for some powerful opportunites for Reiki energy.  

What does Reiki Feel Like?

During a session of Reiki people experience many feelings from a wave like sensation to pulsations, to heat, cold, or even no physical sensations, but just an overall  sense of peace and well being. 

Reiki can help..........

Animals & Pets,  Plants & Trees, the water & food, you consume.

You can use Reiki to assist in healing world events, and yes the healing of negative events in your own life. 

I go into some real life Reiki examples in my blog.

Reiki helps wherever it is needed. 

To schedule your Healing Session Please contact me via the contact page, email at or call 413 - 281-9472

Distance Reiki sessions available