Using Vision Boards to create a dream life

When I first saw people sitting around cutting out pictures and posting them on a bigger piece of paper, I thought, how cute. Look at them playing. It just wasn't for me. But then I found myself taking pictures off the internet and posting them above my desk, in the bathroom and near my bed. It was ok though, it wasn't a vision board.

But I knew deep inside the concept worked. 

When we take the pictures that are in our minds of how we want our life, place them physically in front of us, we will see them manifested. Doing so clicks on this switch that allows us to relax and let the universe bring it to us. Vision Boards are a Powerful tool to play with the powers of the Universe. 

There are many ways to play and use them. Finding what works best for you and creating the life of your dreams, is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself. And you can have fun in the process. 

Want to know a secret? Having fun while you do anything not only makes what you are doing in the moment better, but it also makes everything else easier. 

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