Reiki I

Reiki for Self-Care

What is Reiki for Self Care?  Just what it sounds like, It is all about you. Everything that you need from Reiki with an emphasis on you. How to use the benefits of Reiki to assist you in your healing, reduce anxiety & stress as well as tools to create a peaceful environment. You will also learn the 5 min healing for Reiki on the go. You will leave with the skills to assist family & friends and of course the most important person, you.

Class time will allow for plenty of practice, as well as learning what Reiki is, the history and development in the United states, lineage, & tools to use everyday. You will have all the basics of Reiki and be able to move into Reiki 2 if you desire at a future date. 

  I will be here for ongoing training and questions, Reiki shares are available and you are strongly encouraged to attend. Reiki shares allow you to not only practice and receive Reiki but ask questions of other practitioners. 

See class page for dates, contact us for more information, or sign up today!