Why See a Medium?

When you hear the word Medium what pops into your mind? It can range from skepticism to awe. I have heard it all and have had my years of doubt also. My doubt would creep in sometimes when I brought in some information from the other side and no one in the room could relate. I eventually learned to let the doubt go because usually at the end of the reading, someone will come up to me privately and confirm the information. They just felt awkward hearing it in front of others. This not wanting to admit the information coming through to be accurate comes from fear. Fear that what they believed to be true may not be. Fear that just maybe there is more to life.

A Medium can help bring a sense of peace and closure to an event in your life. When we lose someone either tragically, suddenly or even if it is expected. There is always that sense of did I do enough?  How could I have prevented this? The guilt that we create when we think we could have done more can be debilitating. A Medium can assist in bringing forth the answers that may alleviate that guilt.

Other questions like, what does my loved one think of this or that? Are they in pain? Did it hurt when they died? Where is my loved one? All these and more questions can be answered through a Medium.

I have worked with some families that have lost someone tragically and it is tough to see them going through the loss they feel. To not be able to hold their loved one anymore, talk with them and hear their voice is some of the hardest parts of loss. Along with the guilt of did I do enough for them when they were here, could I have prevented their death? Then there is the anger of why did they leave me? Why didn’t they take better care of themselves? Then the anger at God, because we have to blame someone. Life is hard enough when we are surrounded by our loved ones, but when they leave it can seem to get harder.

A Medium that can bring forth that comfort of the truth, that your loved one is Ok. That it is not your fault and they are still by your side can bring that sense of peace we all are searching for.

A Medium can also help in the transitioning process. If you have a loved one that is terminal sometimes knowing that they are going to be Ok, learning that death can be a joyous event can help both you and your loved one go through the process with a better sense of peace. I like to explain the process of transition from our earthly world to the higher vibration of the spirit world as pure ecstasy. To a woman that has given birth I explain it as that joy you felt when your child was born, is the same joy times ten when we transition back home.  

Yes home. I am also convinced from all I have experienced that we are not home, we are in a school of a sense. We choose to come here to learn, to help, and or assist in some way. Sometimes we come to help others learn the lessons they need to learn, like forgiveness, unconditional love, patience, tolerance, and non-judgement. That is why some people come and go out of our lives, their leaving is either part of the lesson or we may have already learned all we can from them. We are all connected in some way energetically, though we are all on our own journey. Finding our inner strength to move forward in life is vitally important in learning our lessons and completing our mission we came here for. Sometimes a medium can help with answering those questions and aligning us back to our unique path.

We all need clarity sometimes in life when the dark clouds roll in. If you do, contact a reputable Medium to receive that clarity. To find peace, and a true knowing that not only are your loved ones ok but that you are too.



Ann M. Shacar, RMT

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