Heavens Messages
Energy Interpretation & Mediumship

Seeing a Medium can be very Healing. My goal is to assist individuals to find comfort and peace. Questions like. Is my child ok? Did my Dad suffer? Is my Mother angry with me? Can stop you from moving forward. 

As an Energy Interpreter, I read a persons energetic system & assist with life blocks and challenges. 

As a Medium, I work with individuals who have loved ones in Heaven, answering questions that we all have.  

I absolutely LOVE assisting people with energy work, It has been a passion of mine for 20 years. 

Having assisted individuals with reading their energy field to clear emotional and physical blocks allows them to move forward in times when  life is just to difficult. That is usually when an underlying belief is causing what I like to call congestion. Our energy system that runs our whole Being is just like a power grid that brings energy to your home. It is an intricate design of wires, transformers and sub stations. Sometimes the storms of life can cause a short or disruption in the "power". I work to find that short, and work with you to re-establish your energy and assist you in keeping the lines clear and strong.

Mediumship Works

with the energy of the Universe.

Why See a Medium?

Sometimes we all need some reassurance, a bit of healing, peace, comfort. A Medium can help.

Want a private reading, semi private, or maybe schedule a group reading with friends & family.

"Heavens Messages" events have had rave reviews. My goal is to bring a sense of peace to individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Please feel free to call with any questions or to schedule your session.