Charging for Service is Imperative to your clients Healing 

There is a discussion that goes around the alternative practitioner realm that I myself have participated in. This topic of discussion is based on the ethics of accepting payment for services. Everything from what types of services should have charges to how much is enough or too much. We as healers are hesitant on accepting money for what we know is a gift, whether that gift is an inborn or universal gift makes no difference. We are grateful for it and love to share it. So in comes the discussion how do you charge for a gift we see as giving to someone?

When I experienced my first Reiki attunement 20yrs ago part of the lesson was why Dr. Usui charged for healing and why the fee was so high to become a master.  This story made sense and I respected the lesson but never until recently fully experienced it. This lesson was so powerful that I feel other practitioner’s especially those of us that have this “fear” of charging a client will benefit from. Some will say it doesn’t feel right I would rather give away my service. It is holistic there should not be a charge.

I have felt this too up until I had an experience that fully brought me into why “energetically” we must charge and accept payment for our healing service. It happened one day when I went to a friend for a session. We all as energy / light workers need to take time to heal ourselves as well. But that is another story. I had been having trouble with my Rt. knee, ankle & foot but enjoyed going to just lay on the table and receive.  On my way to her center I was being told to make sure to give her payment. The message was clear and insistent. You see she, like me is/was uncomfortable receiving payment and especially since we were friends. I went out of my way to make sure I had cash on me to give her before I arrived. Driving to find an ATM that was attached to my bank.

Well at the end of the session she left to allow me to slowly get up and relax like we all do with a client, and the message came again. She isn’t going to accept, make her. I look up and said OK I will. In the office I took out the money and she said no and had reasons why she could not accept but I insisted and put the money on her desk. She argued and I started to feel bad but after a quick thought I said you have to take half at least. She hesitated and said Ok I will accept half. What happened next is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. And why I am so grateful I listen to my guides.

Just as she accepted, the exchange of healing occurred. There was a shift in the room and between us energetically. I had the most wonderful feeling of what I refer to as “Spiritual Bloodletting” a theory I teach, this warm flowing energy ran down my leg from my knee to bottom of my foot. This can only be described as a valve being turned and the built up pressure being relieved. I thought to myself “Ah, there it is”. Later that afternoon as I was resting because with such a release I felt it was probably a good idea. Another message came. This is why you must be OK with accepting payments.  Which started a conversation in my head. Back and forth with my guides. And a strong lesson was learned.

Please Please Please. All practitioners please realize that the healing of your clients is in the exchange of energy between you. After all you are doing energy work, right? It’s all energy and we are assisting others balance theirs. So even if you are a nutrition coach, an herbalist, massage therapist or Reiki practitioner there needs to be an exchange of energy to complete the healing. The client must participate in their healing and that participation comes in the exchange of energy. Money / payment for your service is that exchange. By refusing or having a fear of accepting that from your clients you are denying them their healing. 

This lesson is so important I will repeat it. …”The client must participate in their healing and that participation needs to come in the exchange of energy.” So if you truly want to help others heal accept their participation in the process. After all we are all responsible for our own healing and as practitioners we know this. Why is it any different for your clients.


Peace light, Love and Health to all.


Ann Shacar RMT.