You Have the Power;
Using Universal Energy 

Explaining how energy works, universal energy is probably one of the most difficult things I do. And it is not that the concept of energy is difficult but the process of this glorious power that we have at our disposal is so marvelous. That putting it into mere mortal words takes so much away from it. You see energy is best felt, than explained. And we as humans have been programmed by generations to have it conceivable by the mind. Universal energy though is processed through the heart.

The heart is a marvelous organ that pumps our life fluid through the body we possess. But it is so much more than that. Thanks to science, they have found the secret to the heart. That the heart processes information just like the brain, in fact the heart has some of the same types cells and neurons. I am no scientist, so I am not going to try to explain this part of the heart. Greg Braden does a wonderful job. As well as the Heartmath institute that did the research.  Check out the links at the end bottom.

It is widely agreed upon at this point in our time that the world is all energy. We as humans are energy. But, how does it work? In the 80’s – 90’s the big thing that was around was the Law of Attraction. So many people were following the concepts, but I kept hearing from people around me that it didn’t work. Affirmations don’t work. The book The Secret we all have heard of that. Right? Well what happened? If all that stuff in the secret worked why are people not utilizing it?

The Secret? They are. We all use that information, those teachings daily. The information, the truths, revealed once again in the secret are used every day by each one of us. So why aren’t we all blissfully happy and rich?  Because that is not what we are all after. Happiness would be nice every day, but that is not life. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control that are not happy. It is not what happens around us though that determines our life, It is our reaction to what happens that determines our life.

So how does this fit into Universal energy? We can’t control other people and the events they create but we can control our reaction, our energy in the situation. How we project our energy or protect our energy is completely within our own power. That power is generated in the heart, which is the main power plant of our bodies.  Accessing this power and learning to direct it allows us to maintain some control, manage stress, and find peace. When our energy is clear our thinking is clear so then the mind, body, heart, and soul can all work in conjunction.

Universal energy though all around us is also the same energy that runs through us. This energy can be used to produce wonderful events, heal the past, bring forth our desires and heal ourselves. The hardest part for me has always been to take the time to slow down and use the energy consciously. We are always using it, like I said above this energy is always at work in our lives. It reacts to everything we do, feel and think. If you are having a bad day you have to consciously use the energy to help raise the vibration within yourself. If you don’t that event that started your day off badly, will continue to snow ball until you end your day and start fresh the next day. That is why we have the saying, “I should go back to bed and start over”

When we sleep we reset our energy. It is our bodies chance to recoup. We can do this at anytime of day though and consciously raise our energy to move to a better state of mind and a better day. All it takes is finding a place for 5 minutes and breathing, Re-aligning your breath and heart with the universal energy that flows through and around us. It’s as easy as a slow count of 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out, and letting all thoughts go. Just for those 5 minutes. Breathing helps to clear our mind, slow our thoughts and allow us time to let everything work together.

Now you can take this further by adding a prayer to your 5 minute breathing, asking your Angels and Guides to help, or taking a full 15 minute meditation break. But whatever path you choose. Being aware that you have the ability to change the energy that is around you is the first and most powerful step.

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