Universal Blessings
Spiritual Services


As a non-denominational Minister I enjoy sharing the Love and energy of this wonderful Universe. 

I am honored you are considering me to assist in an important event in your life and want you to feel comfortable in your choice. 

You can look through this website to get to know me, read on and of course I am available for a free consultation. 

What is most important is making sure our collaboration on your life event is a energetically conducive one. In other words we should be comfortable with each other.

So a little about myself.

I have been a Reiki practitioner for over 20 yrs. in that process I have further moved into a spiritual practice as part of my healing practice. I feel that the two are inter-changeable. after all we are spiritual beings, energy beings living in a solid mass world trying to find our way in a balanced universal cooperation. 

As part of that service I love to provide is spiritual blessings. I have been assisting spirits to move forward on their path home as well as souls transition from this world. 

My belief is that we are all here to learn, grow and teach. We are here to participate fully in the bringing of the most powerful force in the Universe, Love to this world. 

The services I provide come with that desire. Wherther you are in need of someone to perform a wedding, a life transition ceremony (funeral), a new life blessing, a House / home clearing, mediumship counsel, or just spiritual support I am at your service.

Please feel free to contact me via phone or email for further information. 

Office- 413-281-9472

email annshacar@gmail.com or through this website

Peace, Light & Love