Reiki & Surgery

I have had the wonderful opportunity to find out how Reiki can benefit a person Post-op, as well as Pre-op.

Now I have used Reiki many times to assit with the healing process with clients, this is the first time I have been in the Self Care situation. 

How Reiki helps with pain. There are many things that Reiki can help with and the one thing I have been able to test out is pain management. After major abdominal surgery a week ago I found myself using Reiki continuously. Reiki has helped me with the whole healing process, though I have many weeks to go till my body heals completely, I am using Reiki as pain relief, anxiety & stress management as well as helping me sleep.

 I am going to add in some wonderful links to articles and information on this subject and also keep you updated as I continue to use Reiki to assist me in the healing process.  

If you or someone you know is in need of healing please contact me to schedule a session, I am also available for hospital and Long term care visits

This Article provides wonderful information for both pre and post surgery  Click Here