Focus, Breathe & Enjoy the Ride.

When we begin a project or decide on a direction to take in our lives, a new career path, relationships, a move, etc. We can have this childlike enthusiasm that is wonderful in the moment, though bringing that feeling along while methodically planning each step takes a leap of faith. Because in order to find balance in our lives, we have to have both. If we just go around with complete childlike enthusiasm eventually we are going to run out of steam. People will not take us seriously, because all they will see is that. On the other hand, if you get caught up in all the details about the best way to proceed. What steps to take, what to do if this happens, if that happens. You research how others proceeded and arrived, the cost of this and that, and all the what ifs. You will become so overwhelmed that you not only get stuck in all that crap, your enthusiasm gets sucked right out of you. And ten years later your sitting in your living room wondering what the hell happened to all your dreams.  Ya never happened to me but just saying……

So what do you do? So glad you asked. That is where the title of this blog comes in. I was chatting with God and he reminded me of this. I was beginning a new project and excited about it, yet from experience I also did the research, and allowed the patience to let things move and morph.  I have learned over the years how to feel when somethings feels right. It goes beyond that childlike enthusiasm to an adult hell ya I can do this. Because I have both the facts on paper and the excitement of seeing a path to my desires. I have learned how to take passions and reality, and to bring them into mutual coexistence. In other words, Focus, Breath and enjoy the ride. 

Have you ever been on a roller coaster? What is more exciting, waiting in line, the slow climb to the peak, or the drop? The ride. all of it together, is the experience. The experience is life in action. Life in action is what makes life worth living. So is the same with anything you do in life. Bring it all together and enjoy each step with the enthusiasm of a child. Be willing to jump. With the maturity of an adult be willing to jump. After all we are only here for the experience. We can’t take it with us when we go home, so play, jump, laugh and yes sometimes cry, but never let fear stand in your way of Living.