Finding Your Joy Frequency

When someone asks you about Finding your Joy, what do you think of?

What is Joy to you?

For me the path to joy has been a long road, and a destination I avoided for the past 5 years. Well before that my definition of joy would have been happiness, though I have found out that could not be more wrong. If you have been around me in a class or event, you may have heard my story about that “Damm Joy Card”. If not briefly I will explain. I was sitting with two friends one of whom was introducing us to reading Angels cards. I had the Archangel Raphael deck by Doreen Virtue and I did a 3 card spread. When I turned over the middle card it was Unconditional Joy, Well I immediately sat back in my seat and my heart sunk to my stomach. All I knew was it hit quite a nerve, other than that I could not explain why it bothered me so much. Over the past 5 years that Damm Joy Card appeared several times, usually in some sign of a turn I needed to make on my path or a hint as to a decision I needed to make. And when it did, I usually put up a wall. I avoided the signs as they usually brought that sinking feeling. I knew deep in my soul that I needed to figure out the message but I did not know how deep this Joy card was heading. That is until I came upon it again in a meditation, several years later. A question was posed to me and I immediately knew the answer.

The question, What is Joy? And because I was in meditation and conversing with spirit my heart did not sink for the first time, I felt safe. I first thought happiness, yes happiness is joy, smiling, laughter. That is what most people think of joy and I was no different at a conscious level. I was not at a conscious level though. And I realized this is why it hit me so hard that day, when I turned over that middle card. Joy is not happiness. I finally had received my answer. My soul was finally speaking loudly and I felt Joy.

 As usual when I have my little convos with spirit the clarity of the message was amazing. I was asked what is Joy and I immediately answered, “When your heart flutters as the wind kisses your face.” I suddenly felt an energetic vibration I have not felt as long as I could remember. I then asked so what is happiness? And I heard Happiness is earth bound. Joy is of Spirit.

Happiness is when you are doing fun things like hanging with friends, watching a funny movie, a sunset or sunrise. Happiness is an emotion that makes your heart sing. All wonderful and something we have all experienced. But happiness is not joy. Joy is so much more. Joy is not of this earth. That is why I was so taken back by that card and why I really love that it is so dam persistent. Joy is spiritual. Joy is something that is not experienced. Joy is something that is lived.

So as I sat and absorbed all this I came to realize that all I have been learning, teaching and offering to clients is a path to Joy. For over 20yrs I have been searching I just didn’t know what for that is until I allowed myself to relax into the truth of my soul. That is what I offer to others. I have found a path to not happiness but a life living in the Frequency of Joy. All I teach from Reiki, to IET to Developing Intuition, offer the ability to experience the frequency of Joy. The groups I love to lead from self-empowerment, to Heavens Messages allow a path to the frequency of Joy.

I invite you to join me in a class whether that be Reiki 1, Basic IET or Basic Developing Intuition. So I may share personally the Joy Frequency. Classes are ongoing and also available as private and small groups.