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Wonderful Shift Happenings
July 05, 2024

Happy 4th to to all my USA readers

There are so many new happenings going on within ISM, InnerSpirit Management. Summer has always been a time of growth for me personally and for my business. This year is no different.

As you may also know I am not a big one for long newsletters, so I am going to keep this short and sweet. Links are provided if you want to know more. And you will...

At the end there is a Big announcement for anyone that has their own Alternative Healing Business.

New in Person Location

I am excited to announce a new location in Pittsfield, Ma. I have wanted to make sure I was able to offer services to everyone and now I am able to with a new location that is easily accessible.

I will still be offering all my services via Online so no worries if you are out of the area. Energy work has no time or space restrictions.

Integrated Energy Therapy

IET, Integrated Energy Therapy classes, Are in full swing in the Berkshires, Pittsfield Ma.

Free online INTRO

to IET on Mon July 8th at 7pm, space is limited so message me to receive the Zoom link.

IET Class Info
Class Schedule all in Pittsfield, Ma

July 13th Basic Level

July 20th Intermediate Level

Aug 10th Advanced Level


Reiki for Self-Care now offered in a convenient 2 hr class

Both Online and in Person, If you don't see a class scheduled call for a 1:1 class.

Want to bring Reiki to your facility?

I am available to train your staff in not only Reiki for Healthcare, but also how to set up a Reiki program for your residents.

Reiki Shares in Pittsfield Call for Schedule

Big Announcement

A new Support Membership group for Energy and Alternative Healing Practitioners.

Gabriels Place is now being established to assist you in all aspects of your business. A great way to not only learn the basics of Building your business but also Free classes and Events.

Gather with other practitioners and share ideas, offer your events, and support each other in offering and sharing alternative therapies.

More to come,


June 2024 I offered someone the chance to receive an IET session as training for a new student. The results..... Not only did she report the wonderful affects of the session, but she wrote to me later that day to say she ran into a friend that told her she had not seen her this relaxed in years.

Energy work, WORKS

I have had the pleasure of offering Chakra Balancing sessions lately, and with some Great reviews. One client told me "she had better results after her first energy session than she did with years of therapy." Now that Thrilled me, yes after 25 years of working with Universal energy I still get a chill when clients see what Energy work can do for them. April 2024

Contact Ann to Get Balanced

Mediumship for Peace

When we are suddenly dealing with the loss of a Loved One there are so many questions left unanswered. From why? Is there something I could of done? Do they know how much I loved them? Are they in pain? Why my child? Why so young? Schedule your Private session or Bring an immediate family member or two.

Mediumship sessions. As a reminder I am available for Readings. There are a few types of readings and I have received some questions lately on what the difference is.

First there is a difference between a Medium reading and a Psychic reading. A Medium is able to convey messages from the "other side" from Spirit. I am most grateful when I am able to bring forth clients loved ones messages, To offer some comfort.

A Psychic reading is when the energy around you is read. This is when you ask questions, like should I quit my job, when will I meet my partner, etc. This can be done in a few ways cards, runes, or just reading your energy and Aura.

As most Medium / Psychic will tell you, a Medium is Psychic as well, though a Psychic is not a Medium.

To schedule a session for either reading... Contact Ann

Seriously you will not be disappointed, I guarantee it.

Peace Ann

PS.. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you feel would benefit from a little Self-Care.

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