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What is The Unified Field?
February 26, 2020

Thank you for investing the time in hopefully learning something new to assist you on your journey. I look forward to working with you.

So, what is the Unified Field?

In my last letter I explained that Reiki was a tool to help access the unified field, but I did not go into depth as to what it was. Now you can “google” it and get all the info you want and more. It can get confusing so what I would like to do is explain in my mind after the experiences I have had what it is to me and how I see it as a spiritual teacher and a lover of quantum physics.

For years I have had a difficult time explaining how all this energy stuff works. I just know it works. I have proven it to myself over and over for so many things in my life. People have even asked me how I went from having trouble keeping the lights on to the other end of the spectrum of not worrying about the lights. It is a process and it is a matter of faith. Faith in this Unified field, Faith in the whole concept of how everything works together and how it is all intertwined.

But I don’t want to get off track, I will go into the how’s later, for now what is this Unified Field? The unified field is in like a net that holds the universe together, but so so so much larger than your imagination can imagine. The unified field is a place of infinite possibilities, an extremely high vibrational field that has no time and no space. It is where all begins and all ends for our 3-dimensional world that we know as our day to day life. When we meet the edge of this field, we are able to bring forth all our desires, and our healings, physical, emotional and spiritual healings. An ability to heal the past and to create the future. And as I said before. Reiki is a wonderful tool in helping you attain the vibration to access the Unified Field.

The Unified Field has had many names, but science has agreed to this term for scientific purposes and I am so excited that science now proves not only the existence of this field but the possibilities of accessing it and the results of that access. This field of pure consciousness has been accessed since the beginning of our time on this earth and was around long before this Universe was. It is our source it is where this is only oneness. Our world that we live in this moment where you are conscious of reading this is duality world. There is you and me and all the other individuals living on a daily basis, doing our best to do our best. There is good and bad, positive and negative, growth and death. I believe we move between this world, this level of consciousness and the Unified field. That is our birth and death. I also believe that we live, our soul lives on many levels of time and space. That is how we access and heal our past and why it is possible to heal our past and create our future. How we bring forth our miraculous healings and how we bring forth our dreams and desires.

So, if all this is possible, why don’t people do this and why is there so much negative things in this world, and why, why why? SO many questions. The answer is all energy and how we access it and use it. That is a process of not just learning but remembering who we are.

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Peace Ann

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