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Reiki & The Unified Field
February 25, 2020

Thank you for investing the time in hopefully learning something new to assist you on your journey. I look forward to working with you.

Reiki and the Unified Field

Reiki has many benefits as you may well know, but bringing all those together, Reiki helps with one main thing. Reiki is a tool to assist us in connecting with the Unified Field where all possibilities exist. Where health is, where we can find peace, Love and abundance in all areas of our life, Where we can heal from our past and create our future. Reiki is the answer to many of our questions.

Your first question may be what is the unified field? And that is a great question. Over the years this field has been called many things, but science has now come to an agreement on the one word well two words, Unified Field. And yes science, Science has come to prove the reality of energy healing. It has also come to prove that you don’t need anyone but yourself to do it. The thing you may need to start is a teacher / consultant to help with the tools and techniques that assist in getting you to a point where you have the information and confidence in healing yourself.

Reiki is a tool that allows you to access the vibrational energy that assists in healing the body. When we achieve this vibration our bodies are able to break up blockages that are causing Dis-ease in our physical, emotional and etheric bodies. All dis-ease begins with an unbalance in our systems, so to bring it back to homeostasis a daily energy balancing is necessary. Yes daily is best. Why? Because we are out daily in a world that is far from balanced, so when we work on our inner spirit, our personal space to be in balance we can move through our 3 dimensional world in a healthier way and hopefully avoid the pitfalls and lower energy that exists in this dimensional reality we live in.

Is it easy? Heck no, changing our behavior so to stay healthy is hard and changing our behavior to get healthy from some condition is even harder. We have to consciously change behaviors that are in our rooted in our sub-conscious. That is where turning to others that have the information to make those changes and have the ability to support you in the journey is so important.

Starting with a tool such as Reiki, my first tool that found me, can be life changing. Over the past 20 plus years I have seen Reiki do some amazing things and I know this wonderful tool can do so much for anyone. The first step find a class near you.

If you are in or near the Berkshires of Massachusetts Classes are scheduled. Reiki 1 April 25th, space is limited. Contact me for more info on this class or a session to begin your healing journey back to you.

Please contact me via email or phone for more info. 413-281-9472


Interested in learning Reiki? IET? Or how to Develop your Intuition? Call for private and semi private classes.

Peace Ann

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